Basic Safety & Etiquette
Basic Safety and Etiquette
  • At event registration, you will be provided a card showing rest stops, addresses and key event staff in case you need to contact someone for assistance.  Please keep this card with you during the event.
  • In case of an incident with major injuries, call 911.
  • This is a fun ride and not a race.  
    • Please obey all rules of the road as the intersections will not be controlled by law enforcement personnel.
    • Please use watch out for your fellow cyclists.
  • SAFETY is and must always be 1st ... Be Seen and Under Control!
  • Please use the buddy system.  DO NOT RIDE ALONE.  There are some really rural roads on these routes and it’s easy to get lost.  We want everyone to return to the parking area after their ride.
  • If you get lost or have a mechanical issue, please call one of the personnel on the event contact card and we will endeavor to get to you and solve the problem.  If you place that call, STOP and await assistance or make another call that your issue is resolved.  If you’re moving out there, we will have a much more difficult time locating you.  If you make that call, please be ready to provide the personnel who answers the phone with your road names/landmarks/etc.
  • Basic Etiquette
    • Communicate.
    • Anytime you are on the front pulling please call out sticks, rocks, potholes or other debris in the roadway
    • DO NOT cross the yellow line
    • DO NOT cross wheels – riding fully beside or fully behind is ok.  Riding with the front of your front wheel in front of the rear of the cyclist’s wheel in front of you is not.  In that case, any sudden movement by the front rider may cause a crash.
    • If you need to CLEAR YOUR NOSE or SPIT, PLEASE consider other cyclists.  Move to the rear of the group so as to avoid sharing that with them.
    • Carry some form of ID with you (not just cell phone) in case of emergency
    • Safety or sunglasses recommended
    • Helmets required
    • No earbuds – to hear cars and fellow riders
    • Obey Safe Cycling Practices
    • Do not engage / respond / react angrily to motorists.  Document – video / pictures / obtain license plate numbers / gather enough information to file complaint to proper authorities of aggressive behavior
    • Be open to safety feedback from the group – watch out for each other.  No one can see everything at all times.  We need your help.  We need each other’s help.
  • Equip your bicycles with fully charged lights:
    • Front light:  yellow/white “be seen light” (recommended)
    • Rear Light:  Red, blinking light (required)
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